Sunday, May 7, 2017


The show was fantastic. 
It was a great mix of bands. 
Secret Seven tore the roof apart. 
There were smiles across the board. 
Tension and coldness were put aside. 
Everyone was together again. 
Maybe it would be temporary, but we take comfort that at least it happened.

Everyone involved got paid. Not much,  but the fact that it was possible made it fantastic. 
There were old faces and new ones and practical strangers. Nobody cared too much about sound quality, finally a hardcore show that was more about energy and vibe and community and not tech riders. 

Not to say the sound system wasnt good, it was decent for sure, and yes there were glitches, but that was a hardcore show; REAL and not so musical.

The sad part was of course STRAIGHT ANSWER not being able to turn up due to visa issues. We can imagine how bummed out they were, and many here were disappointed too. 

But in retrospect, we must thank STRAIGHT ANSWER because this show; as well as the selection of bands, were made because of SxA. 

Things happened for a reason, and FRIDAY NIGHT FURY was such an amazing experience that we dare say it could be that refresh button for the otherwise jaded and cold hardcore scene here. 

STRAIGHT ANSWER, thank you for potentially saving this little jaded hardcore scene.

All the other acts, MOISTY ATSUSHI, RADIGALS, SPIRITS, OUT FOR BLOOD, IMPAIRED and SECRET SEVEN...thank you so much for being that soundtrack of rage for the night.

 The filming crew for SUBCULTURE The Movie, thank you for blending in and playing the part playing along. 

The hardworking crew and the supportive crowd, thank you for turning up by the dozens.

THE SUBSTATION, thank you as always for being the pinnacle venue for the scene. 

As much as we recognize that things may change at a snap of the finger, you can never hope against hope; as long as true DIY punkrock energy runs through your veins.

May this continue for ages to come.

Check out this link (out of a few) if you wish to relive the experience here
See you in the pit!

our inaugural zine fest!


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