Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a fucking break...

hello everyone

thank you for your continued support

we are on a break, probably till November 2015 but maybe earlier. we'll still be doing last minute shows when the time is right, but theoretically this is a sabbatical.

we will see you in November, beginning with THEN AND NOW FEST (flyer below) as well as SEE YOU IN HELL (crustcore/grind from Czech Republic!).

till then support other shows and promoters out there! if you need info and dont know where to start we'll be more than happy to pin point something to you.

remember the underground is not just music. it is a statement and a counterculture. it is beyond your fashion, although anyone who says punk is not about fashion is a bit clueless. of course the look and appearance has something to do with it, otherwise shirts patches and other accessories wont be flying off the distro tables.

we're just real with your words.

also there's some sprouting of some racist / nationalist / xenophobic idiots in the scene. wise up or fuck off. punk is beyond face value.