Monday, November 24, 2014

November shows + December shows + January 2015 teaser!

Hello again everyone!

Where Were You? Fest was an epic statement! Taking The Subs was a fresh redefinition of punk theater!

So what now? Back to shows of course!!!

Check these out! As usual they are all done by friends and homies or folks that just deserve your support.

Prohibited Projects shows have the PP logo on them, but thats just obvious.

November 2014

December 2014

And a small tour flyer teaser for one of our upcoming shows!

Also check out

18 Dec - WASTED WEEKDAYS #1 with VEINS (Jakarta), DEMENTIA, ABRASION + maybe 1 more band TBC (Venue : Pink Noize)...flyer out soon!


January 2015

2 Jan - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION with DA, SMERT! (Russia weirdpunk), IMMINENT PYSCHOSIS (Australia thrash), HIDDEN INTENT (Australia thrash), WITCHSEEKER and more! (Venue : Pink Noize)

20 Jan - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II with CHU (Khazakhstan doomcore) + B.C + (((connection_error))) + CIRCUITRIP and more bands (Venue : The Substation Theater)

30 Jan - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party with STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia), OCTOPOULPE (France), KLAUS LEGAL (France), RANTAU RANJAU (Indonesia), J3M5 (USA), OCD (USA) and TURNING AGAINST + STRAIGHT FORWARD! (Venue : The Substation Theater)

31 Jan - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 + post party with ALZHEIMERGRIND (Indonesia) and JEMSSYNDROME (Indonesia) (Venue : The Substation Theater)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November and December 2014


The next 2 shows arent Prohibited Projects per se but we are privileged to have a big hand in them. 

And then the one in December is a collab with Canopus Distro, also not a typical Prohibited Projects show but we've seen stranger things surely.

Go figure, absorb and attend.


8th NOVEMBER - WHERE WERE YOU? Fest....a reunion of 90s Singapore bands!

21 + 22 NOVEMBER - TAKING THE SUBS : Punkrock theater + hardcore punk. Go figure!

6th DECEMBER - THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT (post rock / shoegaze / ambient show)

And more information in advance

18th December - VEINS (Jakarta post hc), HOLLOW THREAT and more bands! @ Pink Noize

24th December - NIGHTMARE BEFORE X'MAS with STANDFREE, RESIST, KEPARAT (all Bandung hc-punk!) @ Pink Noize

Jan 2015
Jan 2 - NEW YEAR THRASOLUTION with HIDDEN INTENT, IMMINENT PYSCHOSIS (both Australia thrash), DA,SMERT! (Russia punk) @ Pink Noize

Jan 20 - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II with CHU (doom sludge from Khazakhstan) @ venue TBC

Jan 30 - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party - STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia hardcore), RANTAU RANJAU (Indonesia noise), KLAUS LEGAL (France noise), OCTOPOUPLE (France noise) @ Venue TBC

Jan 31 - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015

Mark your calendars!