Thursday, December 25, 2014

countdown to oblivion to 2015...

Hello everyone!

2014 was a long year that went by very quickly, ironically.

We had massively killer shows, massively disappointing moments as well.

Now we're taking week break before we head to KL for CHAOS IN RUMAH API. 

And we are doing quite a few shows in the FIRST month of 2015, and have a hand in a few more.

Talk about wow.

Thank you to all those who supported, helped out, asked important questions along the way. 

Shouts out to The Substation and spaces like Pink Noize, Lithe Paralogue and Independent Archives and Resource Centre, bands, people, artists, crew, flyer people and many many more.

We're supposed to have stopped doing shows altogether but oh well, if its in your blood then its in your blood.

We have these kick ass shows/events lined up for you in January 2015, so keep a lookout!

Best regards and chaos forever!

January 2nd - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION @ Pink Noize

January 20th - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II @ The Substation

January 24th - PUNK SKA LA-LA-LA @ Pink Noize

January 25th - helping out with HOWLING HYMNS @ The Substation

January 30th - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party @ The Substation

January 31st - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 @ The Substation

Wednesday, December 3, 2014




And our first show of 2015...!

PROHIBITED PROJECTS 2015 show forecast

January 2nd - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION @ Pink Noize with DA, SMERT! (Russia weird punk), IMMINENT PSYCHOSIS (Australia thrash), HIDDEN INTENT (Australia thrash), WITCHSEEKER, A.E.S., The MANIACS, SINTOXICATE! (flyer above)

January 20th - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II @ The Substation with CHU (Khazakhstan doom), B.C., (((connection_error))), CIRCUITRIP and more

January 24th - yet-to-be-titled show with WHATEVER THAT MEANS (South Korea punkrock)

January 25th - yet to be titled show with some Indonesian post-doom stoner type bands

January 30th - DISTRO DAY OUT pre party (The Substation)

January 31st - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 (The Substation)

February - we're working on something

March 6th - FAST FRIDAY FURY with VENGEANCE TODAY (Germany hardcore)

April 16th - THURSDAY NIGHT THRASH with DISABUSE (Philippines raw punkhc), COMMIT ARSON (Philippines raw grindcrusthc)

Teaser flyer of the day....

Monday, November 24, 2014

November shows + December shows + January 2015 teaser!

Hello again everyone!

Where Were You? Fest was an epic statement! Taking The Subs was a fresh redefinition of punk theater!

So what now? Back to shows of course!!!

Check these out! As usual they are all done by friends and homies or folks that just deserve your support.

Prohibited Projects shows have the PP logo on them, but thats just obvious.

November 2014

December 2014

And a small tour flyer teaser for one of our upcoming shows!

Also check out

18 Dec - WASTED WEEKDAYS #1 with VEINS (Jakarta), DEMENTIA, ABRASION + maybe 1 more band TBC (Venue : Pink Noize)...flyer out soon!


January 2015

2 Jan - NEW YEAR THRASHOLUTION with DA, SMERT! (Russia weirdpunk), IMMINENT PYSCHOSIS (Australia thrash), HIDDEN INTENT (Australia thrash), WITCHSEEKER and more! (Venue : Pink Noize)

20 Jan - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II with CHU (Khazakhstan doomcore) + B.C + (((connection_error))) + CIRCUITRIP and more bands (Venue : The Substation Theater)

30 Jan - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party with STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia), OCTOPOULPE (France), KLAUS LEGAL (France), RANTAU RANJAU (Indonesia), J3M5 (USA), OCD (USA) and TURNING AGAINST + STRAIGHT FORWARD! (Venue : The Substation Theater)

31 Jan - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015 + post party with ALZHEIMERGRIND (Indonesia) and JEMSSYNDROME (Indonesia) (Venue : The Substation Theater)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November and December 2014


The next 2 shows arent Prohibited Projects per se but we are privileged to have a big hand in them. 

And then the one in December is a collab with Canopus Distro, also not a typical Prohibited Projects show but we've seen stranger things surely.

Go figure, absorb and attend.


8th NOVEMBER - WHERE WERE YOU? Fest....a reunion of 90s Singapore bands!

21 + 22 NOVEMBER - TAKING THE SUBS : Punkrock theater + hardcore punk. Go figure!

6th DECEMBER - THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT (post rock / shoegaze / ambient show)

And more information in advance

18th December - VEINS (Jakarta post hc), HOLLOW THREAT and more bands! @ Pink Noize

24th December - NIGHTMARE BEFORE X'MAS with STANDFREE, RESIST, KEPARAT (all Bandung hc-punk!) @ Pink Noize

Jan 2015
Jan 2 - NEW YEAR THRASOLUTION with HIDDEN INTENT, IMMINENT PYSCHOSIS (both Australia thrash), DA,SMERT! (Russia punk) @ Pink Noize

Jan 20 - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM II with CHU (doom sludge from Khazakhstan) @ venue TBC

Jan 30 - DISTRO DAY OUT Pre Party - STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia hardcore), RANTAU RANJAU (Indonesia noise), KLAUS LEGAL (France noise), OCTOPOUPLE (France noise) @ Venue TBC

Jan 31 - DISTRO DAY OUT 2015

Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello folks

Its this Sunday!


This is before the FRANK BLACKFIRE showcase; also at The Substation, 8pm!

Ok go!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

this Sunday - FUN & LAUGHTER FEST III!

hello folks!

gentle reminder that FUN & LAUGHTER FEST III is this Sunday, 26th October!

Bandung's The Majestic is back here after a few years (they last played at Blackhole, if anyone remembers)

See you there!

Friday, October 10, 2014

second half of October 2014

Yo folks!

We got 2 shows for the rest of the month!

In a few days time we have MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN (Friday // 17 Oct)....flyer as per the one below, however Abrasion and Stellarium have pulled out mainly due to schedule problems. Fucking bummer. But life goes on. And dont bother finding an edited flyer, old school cut and paste is how we do things (yes thats paper, scissors and glue and one print run of flyers). And yes entry is still $10 before 9pm and $15 after 9pm. So that you folks will come early and watch the bands. If you can only come after 9pm and are on a budget, feel free to talk to the folks at the door :)

Also we have FUN & LAUGHTER FEST III (October 26, Sunday), and have Tanjung Pinang punkrawkers P*LER back on the bill!

Gonna be sick, also theres gonna be A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of shows for November, December and January 2015 too!

There are also shows done by other folks who believe in this underground music thing, so support whatever you can!

Look out for these shows below!

November 2014
2 Nov - Sunday Disorderly IV (before Frank Blackfire showcase) @ The Substation (TBA)
8 Nov - Where Were You Fest ( @ The Substation
21 Nov - Taking The Subs (punk theater) + We Ride show @ The Substation (by The Substation + Street Noise Productions) 
22 Nov - Taking The Subs  @ The Substation

?? Nov - Killer Calculateur show

December 2014
6 Dec - The Sounds Of Light Festival @ The Substation
18 Dec - Wasted Weekdays #2 with Veins (Indonesian melodic hc), Hollow Threat @ TBC 
24 Dec - The Nightmare Before Xmas @ Pink Noize with Standfree (Bandung hc), Resist (Bandung punk), Keparat (Bandung punk)

January 2015

2 Jan - New Year Thrash Solution w/ Hidden Intent (Australia) + Imminent Pyschosis (Australia) + Da, Smert! (Russia) @ Pink Noize

30 Jan - Distro Day Out pre-party with Klaus Legal (France), Octopouple (France) Rantau Ranjau (Indonesia), Straight Answer (Indonesia)31 Jan - Distro Day Out 2015 @ The Substation, look out for a two-day possibility

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yo you twisted crazy noise mongering fuckers!

Before we move on to October, well it's still September. Dont forget DAMNED FEST on 27th September! Flyer in previous post...

UPDATE : DAMNED FEST has changed venue to EMINENT PLAZA, a last minute addition and probably the last show in the #Urbanisme project (go find out more about this you pampered hashtag generation fuckers). Nearest MRT Boon Keng or Lavender.

For the month of October there are quite a few shows, 2 of them listed are done by other DIY hc punk comrades.


October 6th (Monday, a public holiday!) - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM

October 9th (Thursday) - HARDCORE DESTRUCCION #10

October 11th (Saturday) - NOIZE II

October 17th (Friday) - MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN!

October 26th (Sunday) - FUN & LAUGHTER FEST III
note that Irietones have pulled out and are replaced by TEMASEK SKA DANSA!


November 2014
2 Nov - Sunday Disorderly IV (before Frank Blackfire showcase) @ The Substation (TBA)
8 Nov - Where Were You Fest ( @ The Substation
19 Nov - hc show with NO ONE CARES (Indonesian hc) @ TBC
21 Nov - Taking The Subs (punk theater) + We Ride show @ The Substation (by The Substation + Street Noise Productions) 
22 Nov - Taking The Subs  @ The Substation

December 2014

6 Dec - The Sounds Of Light Festival @ The Substation
18 Dec - Thursday Night Thrash w Veins (Indonesian melodic hc) @ TBC 
24 Dec - The Nightmare Before Xmas @ TBA

January 2015

2 Jan - New Year Thrash Solution w/ Hidden Intent + Imminent Pyschosis @ Pink Noize
31 Jan - Distro Day Out 2015 @ The Substation

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August - December 2014

It's fucking mad.

Firstly check out Armenian Street on Fri 29 August and Sat 30 August for NIGHT FESTIVAL. Free. We've got live music, art and wrestling! Gonna be bonkers. Yes, you read it right, it's FREE!

Our gig schedule for the rest of 2014 is below.

Posters for October, November, December are not complete, i'll list flyers only by the current and following month, in this case only August (then again I dont have the flyer so what the fuck....just check for info) and September.

September 4 (Thurs) @ Pink Noize with Heights (UK), Calvaire and Sjanse. Terror Circus pulled out. 8pm // $10-$15

September 5 (Friday) @ Pink Noize. NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT #4 with Innocent (Japan), Priceless Stupid Box (Malaysia), Bacteriostatic (Malaysia), Radigals, Hardihood, Rubix, Iman's League and State Of Decay. 7pm // $10

September 14 (Sunday) @ Aliwal Arts Centre with Orator (Bangladesh), Exhumation (Indonesia), Savage Deity (Thailand), Goatchrist666 (Thailand), Nuclear Warfare (Thailand), Blasphmachine (Malaysia). 6pm // $15-$20

September 17 (Wednesday) @ Pink Noize. A NOT-SO-QUIET EVENING with Joelistics (Melbourne hip hop), Rejected Scums, Moira and Temasek Ska Dansa. 7pm // $10

(below is not a Prohibited Projects show but a fun kick ass DIY manic punk-hc-crust show regardless....come!) 


October 6th (Monday) @ Lithe Paralogue Museum Of Independent Music. PLAYGROUND OF DOOM with Noisearcade (noise China-USA), Ironhawk (Australia motorpunk), Jack Kerouac (noise from Malaysia), To Die (Indonesia noise), Putrid Scum, Circuit Trip, S*I*N, The Pavement Heretics, NZSDLX, R.E.D., Hiltzen. 4pm // $10

October 17th (Friday) @ Pink Noize MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN with Elizabeth (Swiss hc punk), Tapestry, SiFulan, Stellarium, Daily Ritual, Sjanse, Backlash, Abrasion, B.C. 7pm // $10-$15 

October 26th (Sunday) @ The Substation Theater. FUN & LAUGHTER Fest III with The Majestic (Bandung rock & roll), The Zozi, Emerald St, Irietones, Lion City Ska Jazz Ensemble, The Groovys, Farrago, The Feebles, The Full Pledge Munkees. 3pm // $15-$20


November 2 (Sunday) @ Pink Noize. HALLOWEEN IS OVER BUT PUNK'S STILL NOT DEAD! with Demanda (Japan punk & roll), Degenerate (Japan hc punk monsters), BS180, Outlasting Outcast, Beelzebud and more tbc. 6pm // $10

November 8 (Saturday) @ The Substation. WHERE WERE YOU Fest with a lot of old Singapore bands (23 confirmed bands as of today!)

November 21, 22, 23 (Fri-Sun) @ The Substation. Punk theater production. More info soon


December 6th (Saturday) @ The Substation. THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT Festival (shoegaze, postrock show). with Ovum (Japan) and more bands TBC. In collab with Canopus Distro.

December 24th (Wednesday) @ TBC. NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS with Resist (Bandung punk), Keparat (Bandung punk) and more!


Oh we were mad enough to plan these too for 2015!

January 3rd (Saturday) @ Pink Noize. NEW YEAR DISORDER (Chaos In Rumah Api spillover show) with Hidden Intent (Australia thrash) and more bands TBC

January 31st (Saturday) @ The Substation....DISTRO DAY OUT 2015!!! 

Prohibited Projects is honoured and very thankful to The Substation, Pink Noize and friends/acquaintances/bands/crew/collaborators from the DIY punk hardcore and artist community as well as our other afficionados and individuals who just love it raw and honest. Thank you. It shows we just need human support and respect, not sub-par commercial identities, nor multiple social media accounts to get things done.

By the way we still have the ugliest blogspot in the scene! Proud only because it's honest hahaha

Support blogspot or die!

Friday, July 18, 2014

August and September 2014

we told you so...a flurry of show flyers! we love headaches like these :) chaos for life! in case you're wondering all flyers are pretty much the final edits!
thanks to Aliff, Naaz Sedilix, Hafiz Bastard and Lionel Michael for the flyers!

August 9 (Saturday)
@ Pink Noize,
organized by Lost Johnny and P-Town Hardcore. with Snaggletooth (pre-hiatus party), The Garrison (Malaysia), Daily Ritual, Black Terror. 8pm // $10

and another one on the same evening! Literally 5 minutes walk away between venues!


August 17 (Sunday) 
@ Pink Noize. With Keep The Faith (Indonesia), Dementia, AllOut, Generation 69 and Bloody Minded. 6pm // $10

September 4 (Thurs)
@ Pink Noize. With Heights (UK), Terror Circus, Calvaire, Sjanse. 8pm // $10-$15. 

September 5 (Friday)
NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT #4 @ Pink Noize with Innocent (Japan), Bacteriostatic (Malaysia), Priceless Stupid Box (Malaysia), Rubix, Iman's League, Radigals, State Of Decay, Hardihood. 730pm till late // $10

September 14 (Sunday)
SCREAMS FROM THE MORGUE @ Aliwal Arts Centre MPH. Death thrash blast beats and evil tunes from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. $15 before 6pm / $20 after...great price for a great show!!! 

September 17 (Wednesday) 
A NOT-SO-QUIET EVENING @ Pink Noize with Joelistics (Australia), Rejected Scums, Moira, Temasek Ska Dansa. 8pm // $10

Thursday, July 17, 2014

the calm before the storm (or rather the reminder before the flurry of show flyers!)

Hello all.

Thank you for the support, especially those who helped and came to every show and "got it".

Prohibited Projects is proud to be part of the small circle of punk-hardcore show organizers that does not operate like everyone else, that is not motivated by profit, that does not really bother when praised or talked down (with all due respect!). 

That does not need to 'sell' shows too hard to cover a pointless "band fee", that does not say yes to every single demand, that is always free to negotiate and is very conscious of the local scene economic situation, that doesnt bother to compete because this is not what it is all about.

That loves to check out new bands, that will simply tell you to piss off when you deserve it, that loves the fact that we do not need to depend on social media (having said that, all favours by friends on social media are very welcome and appreciated though) to survive, that will welcome bands nobody books; because they dont pull in a crowd, because they are unknown, because they are simply untalented or because they are full of assholes. 

We are not about music. We are always and forever for the rejects, the crazies, the misfits, the drunks, the chaotic, the havoc, the unloved, the strange, the processes, the difficult times in life and all those other uneasy aspects of existence.

If you come from a difficult environment, if your band comes from a country nobody knows or cares about, if your band has only sold 2 copies of your 1000 press run CD because you are full of ugly fucks who play too fast....drop us a line!

Prohibited Projects will also gladly boycott someone or something for a good reason and make sure you know it. We're flexible, adaptable but sometimes you need to take a stand.

Hardcore punk is about facing and sometimes punching reality in the face.

Thank you all bands, friends, crew and venues for making our existence a fruitful and enriching and sometimes painful one.

Hardcore punk : you either get it or you dont :)

This comment is a reaction to the general activity of the Singapore underground, which comes with good and bad. This is not a comment to anyone so don't get paranoid.

If you dont agree with us, its fine...but make sure you support the other organizers and promoters who might not think the same way as us, but struggle everyday to make the music-underground a very real and accessible way to survive in this capitalist shithole. If you disagree, then get off your fucking asshole and do something that you think justifies your stand or ethics.

Dare to disagree, but dare to support as well. You spell out your own choices.

Now get ready for a hell of a lot of flyer posts within the next few days.

Chaos forever!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July-Dec 2014!!!

Holy shit.

We took a break most of the year and now all shows are hitting at one go! Like the street lingo over here...."amik kau!"


JULY 14 (Mon) - VADER (Poland) and OSSUARY at The Substation! Organized by Street Noise Productions!

JULY 18 (Friday) - ORPHEUS OMEGA (Australian metal) @ The Substation. Organized by Street Noise Productions, supported by Prohibited Projects!

JULY 19 (Saturday) - Hardcore/metalcore show @ The Substation, organized by Street Noise Productions, support by Prohibited Projects!


AUGUST 17th (Sun) - Keep The Faith (Indonesian skinhead hardcore, collab with the guys from Lion City Punkrock, more info soon) also playing are AllOut, Generation 69, Dementia and Bloody Minded!

SEPTEMBER 4th (Thurs) - Heights (UK post hc), Calvaire, Sjanse + Terror Circus. Short and sharp show @ PINK NOIZE.

SEPTEMBER 5th (Fri) - NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT #4 with Innocent (Japanese pop punk), Bacteriostatic (JB punkrock), Priceless Stupid Box (JB ska punk), Iman's League, Rubix, Hardihood, State Of Decay and Radigals!

SEPTEMBER 14th (Sun) - watch out for a collaboration with a ripping awesome metal show!


OCTOBER 6th (Mon) - PLAYGROUND OF DOOM (noise / performance art show) with NOISEARCADE (China), JACK KEROUAC (Malaysia), NZSDLX, S*I*N, CIRCUITRIP and more crazy noise fuckers! @ LITHE PARALOGUE. More info soon

OCTOBER 17th (Fri)- MAKING ANGUISH A THREAT AGAIN (post hc dark hc emo-hc stupid modern emo types, the real stuff that branched out from hardcore punk!) @ PINK NOIZE. Confirmed bands are ELIZABETH (Swiss dark hc punk), Stellarium, Tapestry, Daily Ritual, SiFulan, Backlash, Abrasion, Sjanse!

OCTOBER 26th (Sun) - FUN & LAUGHTER FEST 3! (dancehall, rock & roll, ska, reggae, oi...all over again!) @ The Substation Theater. Confirmed with The Majestic (Bandung rock & roll), Peler (Tanjung Pinang punk throwback), The Zozi, Irietones, Emerald Street, Lion City Ska-Jazz Ensemble, The Groovys, Farrago, The Feebles and Full Pledge Munkees!


NOVEMBER 8th (Sat) - WHERE WERE YOU FEST "A Gathering of 90's Singapore Bands" @ The Substation Theater. Teaser flyer below!


DECEMBER 24 (Wed, X'mas Eve) - NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS with RESIST (Indonesia), KEPARAT (Indonesia) and more chaos punk / hardcore madness!


Monday, June 2, 2014



Look out for these shows on these dates.

We're having a secondary involvement mainly helping out with the show or just spreading the word. Nothing fixed yet for PP till August onwards.

JUNE 8th (Sun) - SOUL SUNDAYS II with Zoo (India), The Livid Sun, The Feebles, The Pinholes, Faux Pas, Lost Weekend and Lion City Ska-Jazz Ensemble. Mainly ska, electropop, rock & roll and indie. Organized by Casual Concepts Communications. 5pm // $15.

* in case it matters, the shows before in Red ink are Prohibited Projects shows or collaboratives with us. In black text are shows done by other DIY heroes.

JUNE 11th (Wed) - TACTICAL ATTACK (Australian hardcore) + some other bands at PINK NOIZE

JUNE 14th (Sat) - MODSWING SINGAPORE 2014 @ The Substation. Organized by Modswing SG.

JUNE 28th (Sat) - BLINDED HUMANITY, PAZAHORA and ABRASION @ PINK NOIZE. Organized by Blackhole212. Blinded Humanity tape release, PAZAHORA vinyl release party. 9pm // $10 and its going to be fucking killer! Trust us!  (flyer below)


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MAY 2014 + HARDCORE HELL 6 (25th May 2014)!

Hello all

Thanks for the awesome support for ANGER MANAGEMENT Fest! 

First time we needed such a high door entry fee but it was necessary! Thankfully all costs were covered! Thank you!

So there are 3-4 shows happening in May. Its very likely your ears will bleed and you could end up deaf!

Saturday // 10 May - NOIZE #1 @ PINK NOIZE. With 'resident' bands BLACK TERROR,  PUTRID SCUM as well as thrashers SINTOXICATE and WITCHSEEKER! $10 // 6pm

Friday // 23 May - MPIRE OF EVIL @ The SUBSTATION Theater. Supported by BATTLESTORM and SNAGGLETOOTH. $35 at the door // 8pm 

Saturday // 24 May - HARDCORE DESTRUCCION #8 @ PINK NOIZE. Featuring SCABEATER (Australia, SNAGGLETOOTH and GRANDFIST. $10 at the door // 9pm!

Sunday // 25 May - HARDCORE HELL 6 @ PINK NOIZE. With CUSTODIA (Ecuador) SCABEATER (Australia punk hc), TIPPING POINT, HOLLOW THREAT, SUBTLE, BACKLASH, TSA. $15 // 5pm!