Friday, January 27, 2012

March - April - May - June - July....and September 2012

Holy shit its only January and I've got a show on each month, and this doesnt include collaborations with other crazy folks!

FEBRUARY 10th (Friday) - with NIGHT OF CIRCLE PIT 3 @ The Substation Gallery, see post for more details.
MAY 24th (Thursday) - THE ARGIES (back again, singalong street rock-punk-oi from Argentina!) + also.... HELLCORE (brutal grind-death sickness from Malang, Indonesia! Date TBC...)
JUNE 2nd (Saturday....finally!!) - HANTAMRATA (Kediri thrashcore, Indonesia!)
JULY 3rd (Tuesday) GRAND HOTEL PARADOX (Dubai post punk!)
JULY 5th (Thursday).... IN CRUST WE THRASH with Desecrator (Australia)! More details TBC...

Fucking hell, one band from the hometown of Arema and another from the hood of the finest kretek cigarettes. Life is rulez!

Also....look out for a big show on Tuesday 25th September. Hint : they're old and from the UK. Band name below, fill in the blanks if you're smart enough : S***U*AN*. Show done in association with Nuisance Records and other naughty boys.

Keep yourselves updated!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Friday, 10th Feb 2012
7pm till 10pm
(show starts 730 S.H.A.R.P., ends on time at 10 so please be on time you fuckers!)
$10 at the door
The Substation Gallery (updated venue!)
45 Armenian Street

TAKE ONE STEP (fast positive hc, Indonesia!)
VIDEO NASTY (nasty thrash, Australia!)
PLUTO (young fast and brash!)
VAARALLINEN (scandi hc worship!)
2FOLD (hardcore youth!)
ANALDIKTION (beach boy grindcore!)
RECOVER (wall breaking hardcore!)

* note, we have a last minute addition to the list, VIDEO NASTY from Sydney! 

IMPORTANT NOTE : Venue has been changed to THE SUBSTATION GALLERY, 45 Armenian Street and no longer at 2 Kampong Kapor Rd! PLEASE INFORM YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!

DISTRO DAY OUT (28+29 January 2012)


"A Carnival of S.E.Asian DIY hc-punk-underground distros!'
28+29 Jan 2012 (Sat + Sun)
The Substation Gallery, 45 Armenian Street
12 noon till 10pm both days!

Admission :

CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (correct as of 17 Jan 2012)
Distros (both days!)
1. Prohibited Projects
2. Slapbet Records
3. Haxanhaus Records
4. Straits Records
5. Azadghei Records 
6. War Free Zone
7. Fathomless Depths
8. Alternaive Distro (ex Anak Muda, Bandung!)
9. Pustaka Semesta Infoshop (Rumah Api, KL!)  
10. Thrash Steady Syndicate
11. Because Of The Night zine

Also featuring....
(Saturday only)
DJ Urine (France, disorderly disco!) 
Kawabata Makoto (Japan, one man noise fest!)
Circuit Trip (Singapore, destructo power elecs!)
(Sunday only!)
DJ Bastard (playing non stop SE Asia punk hc metal grind...!)

some notes for those who would like to join
- this is total DIY, if you're a fake 'independent' type distribution with major label deals or operate and treat your 'consumers' and 'bands' like a major label, think twice about being part of this. this does not necessarily mean you are not welcome, but it also doesnt mean you are. Go figure, if you are the real deal you will understand what i mean
- you dont even need to be 'established' to take part. even if you are a regular kid with too many excess tapes and zines that you wanna get rid off, please feel free. of course lets be fair and give the 'bigger and older' folks with hundreds of items on their back catalogue a bigger area in the gallery as opposed to your 10 tapes, 5 CDs and 3 zines.
- no Nazi, Nationalist/Fascist rubbish, no rockstar type bands and labels. if i 'accept' you by mistake, get ready to be dissed by others in the gallery
- the gallery is pretty huge (113 square meters) so distros do come early to 'chope'  (reserve) the best spot.
- you can sell as many items as you want, but please also be open to trading. 
- all distros are responsible for their own area. Prohibited Projects holds no responsibility or liability for lost items.
- Registration is good. Those who register by 27th December 2011 will have their distro / label name on the finalized flyer, out during the new year. Registration guarantees you a space allocation. Last minute walk ins are also OK but get ready to be disappointed if the response to this is too good and you have no space left in the gallery. Remember there will be a space allocated for the noisicians that are that cuts out some square meters off the 'distro area'.
- spruce up this gathering by bringing posters/banners and stuff.
- live fast, die punk!

Latest info : There will also be a gig on the 29th of January at The Substation Theater to complement Distro Day Out! It will be organized by The Substation crew and it will surely be a blast! Details soon....! 

Below is a special write up on Distro Day Out on the Substation website
“Distro”, short for ‘distribution’, has been an integral part of the underground music community-network since the 90s. Run on principles and mechanisms similar to the slightly more reknowned concept of the ‘bedroom label’, the distro has provided those involved in underground punk/hardcore/metal with an avenue to discover and explore music and literature that would otherwise be almost impossible to find.

Also acting as an alternative to corporate music chain-stores, the distro, while relatively obscure to those not in the loop, are far more accessible as both an enterprise and as a contact base within the DIY spectrum.

Distros worldwide, defunct and current, number in the thousands, and all offer a myriad of options. Some have remained relatively small and bedroom-run, while others retain the warmth of a bedroom label but with proper management and marketing, while a few have (arguably) sold out and become ‘indie-majors’ operating full time with salaried employees. However most, if not all, are rooted in the same belief: to provide an alternative to music and art consumerism.

The distro, in the age of the internet and with the impending demise of alternative music counterculture as we know it, is under significant threat. Distro Day Out is thus a representation of various ideals; to remind us all that the pillars of an alternative and underground music scene was built on independent physical non-virtual representations (ie: paper zines, CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, etc), to remind us that anyone and everyone can be an alternative to the major label / mainstream filth that is forced down our throats everyday, to remind us of our right to ownership of what could be deemed ours. Most significantly, it is open to everyone for free, and everyone within the scene has every right to be part of it in any way, from setting up a little distro booth to just being part of a rare unprecedented carnival atmosphere in The Substation Gallery.

With a focus on South East Asian underground music ranging from hardcore, punk, indie, metal, reggae-ska to electronica, Distro Day Out will feature both casually run and established distros within the region, and everyone will converge and set up shop, giving the kids that reminder again. Yes, once again, ANYONE can walk in and set up shop.

Set up exhibition-gallery style in a flea market carnival concept, Distro Day Out is where one should go to see that the underground is beyond just gigs, it is where one should go to check out rare music and merchandise. Distro Day Out will also feature guest electronic musicians DJ Urine (distorted disco from France), Kawabata Mokoto (ex Acid Mother’s Temple, one man noise assault from Japan), and local electronica destructo-harsh maniacs Circuit Trip; all of whom are playing the opening on 28 January 2012.

‘House’ music will be provided by DJ Bastard and friends, ‘spinning’ South East Asian hardcore, punk, metal and indie non stop on those two days.

This event will also be complemented by a music gig in The Substation Theatre, featuring a host of local bands on Sunday 29 January 2012. More details will be available closer to the date.

Organised and put together by Prohibited Projects with the support of The Substation, ‘terms and conditions’ as well as updates can be found at


Hello all

DISTRO DAY OUT flyer has been finalized, check the post for updates!

Just a small mistake in the flyer, if you emailed us after looking at the flyer and didnt get a's why....because Prohibited Projects DOES NOT have a Hotmail account. Our account has always been * repeat * GMAIL.COM solely because Gmail rules and Hotmail sucks.

I have however just opened a prohibitedprojects account on Hotmail (on 9 January in fact) so that I wont be accused of ignoring emails, but it should never be the first account you send anything to.

The guy who did the flyer rules but he was probably drunk, sleepy or both when he was working on it.

Oh well, punk rock lives in more than just noise. Haha I made a funny....

See you on 28, 29 January!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello everyone
Have some posts here which will have updates every once in a while so do check out the aforementioned posts from time to time to check out the latest dash.
UPDATED - the finalized flyer for DISTRO DAY OUT!
See you fuckers in a few weeks!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hello fuckers.

Another year has passed. To be honest a bit too fast. Here's what I have to say

- when time passes so fast, it means that life is good. to be honest, it has been and its about time. I'm working a fun as hell job that pays me too much for a punk rocker, its helping me clear my debts (clear debts my ass, i bought a hell of a lot of stuff, spent too much now I am in debt credit wise, but still at least it doesnt involve me potentially getting sued)...that said, money does not buy you happiness. in many ways i still miss the freedom I've had when i was freelancing but i can't complain really especially when i love my job. not everyone can say that. and again, money does not buy you happiness but it sure as hell makes putting on DIY punk shows a lot less stressful! :-)

- there has been NO Saturday shows done at all by Prohibited Projects in 2011. but people came anyway, so that's encouraging. up the punx!

- bought my own sound equipment, dont ask me, ask Pathetic Ape / Blackhole because they run it. i am rubbish at anything technical.

- catching up with the more predictable things in life like movies, dating and a night out with friends

- initiated Nuisance Records in case you still havent figured it out

- i love The Substation. now that it is staffed by punx/alternative type people it at least makes up for the loss of all the punk hangouts in Singapore (Blackhole, Ah Kong, etc....RIP!!!). The Substation has always existed but now with the new (not that new but you get the drift) Artistic Director, and the new approach, and the rejuvenated kampung feel, this contemporary, warm and HUMAN(E) artspace is fucking crucial for retaining our sanity! Chaos!!!!

- Cuban Link fucking rules!

- still not on Facebook. maybe if i end up working in the remote areas of Mongolia or Benin, but as long as I'm here in Singapore, fuck that shit

- first show confirmed for 2012! 10th February featuring TAKE ONE STEP, positive youth crew hc from Bogor, Indonesia!

- PLEASE COME TO DISTRO DAY OUT, 28 and 29th January 2012 (check the blog post) gonna be fucking killer, possibly the first Distro Fest in Singapore ever (correct me if I'm wrong) and also featuring CIRCUIT TRIP (old crusties gone digicore!), DJ URINE (disco distortion from France) and KAWABATA MAKOTO (one man Japanese bizzare carnival, ex Acid Mothers Temple!). focus will be on the underground DIY hc punk oi grind metal movement in SE Asia, and the soundtrack to it will be utter destruction

- will be releasing the LEAD (II) NITRATE CD (possibly our swansong), SARJAN HASSAN / BLINDED HUMANITY split CD (too long a wait!) and BATAM CHAOS CHRONICLES compilation. can't fucking wait.....

- someone give me a million dollars so i can open the world's first punk run and owned coffeeshop. imagine punk and hardcore bands, circle pits, beer and nasi lemak in the same's still just a dream for now....

- itching to travel again...

- cheers and beers to a whole new year of fucked up shit!!!!!